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Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

If you wish to license, sell, market, monetise, commercialise and financially boost your patent, IP and intellectual property, we have the toolkit to help you get there. 

More impact, more awareness and more results for your project : whatever your objective, we’ll help you get there. 

We don’t offer rinse and repeat strategies, we look at your business with a holistic view and tell you honestly what we think will work. Our agency was founded on the vision to offer a more fluid and flexible approach outside of the traditional, rigid agency approach. We’ve taken the time to build an agile team of true experts in each of their specialisms. This means your business is always in the most capable hands. We work with businesses of all sizes, all ages, all industries – and help them find and connect with their audience online – we build out marketing strategies based on robust data analysis and user journey research. ​

Choosing the best combination of channels, in the right order, with tried and tested messaging, we encourage your audience along the funnel to conversion. Whether you need help with one channel, or require a point-to-point service, we’re flexible in our approach to make it work for you and your goals. Supporting what we do, we have built strong partnerships with complementary businesses from product, brand, packaging and graphic designers to prototype producers testing facilities. So, even if we don’t offer the in-house service you need, we know professionals who can help. It’s the combination of our skill-set and those around us, that makes us a formidable partner who can assist you achieve your goals.  

Bluem – Patent licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – Patent Marketing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
We help inventors, license and sell their patents by applying intelligent marketing strategies.

Patent Licensing

For those wishing to take a more entrepreneur long-term approach, out-licensing is the alternative. However, licensing does come with its challenges, in particular managing financial auditing and payment settlements. Although the risk for the licensee are lesser, accountability and performance become the important elements for a long-term successful outcome.    

IP Licensing

For many IP owners, selling their exclusive legal rights for a healthy profit is the key strategic objective. Just like licensing, selling IP comes with challenges. With one-off payments at the heart of the negotiations, business feasibility and commerciality needs to be validated for the buyer to recognise the value of project and accept the price you want for it.

IP Patent Management

Effectively managing intellectual property and the performance of those using it can be complex, particularly if the licensee is a multi-national or global brand.  Auditing what is owed and monitoring performance is challenging. The terms agreed need to be delivered as promised and any problems and issues quickly and efficiently addressed and resolved.

Patent marketing

Product launch is both an art and science. The art of messaging and the science of adapting the message to engage and resonate with the audience.  Focus is vital for efficiency and to encourage the audience to take notice, you need to choose the best combination of channels, in the right order, with tried and tested messaging that connects with them. 

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IP Patent licensing and Sales
IP Patent licensing and Sales
IP Patent licensing and Marketing
IP Patent licensing and Marketing
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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