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How to License a New Product Idea Invention Patent

Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

Patent licensing, IP licensing and patent marketing that delivers royalties and positive results.

For those wishing to take a more entrepreneur long-term approach, licensing is the alternative. Licensing does however come with its challenges, in particular managing payment settlements and financial auditing. Accountability and performance become the important elements for a long-term successful outcome.    

To successfully license a creative work, the opportunity and its commercial value must excite and electrify. Importantly, the potential licensor must recognise the risk should they not license. You must prove its worth through market data evidence and switch the negotiating power from them to you. It’s all in the preparation. Get this right and door will open

Armed with research and insights, we will help you value position and optimise your project, building the foundation that engages, resonates and connects the audience to the licensing opportunity. 

The tools we use to license, sell and market a patent, new product idea invention patent

  • IP, white space analysis and landscaping

  • Performance analysis

  • Financial auditing and payment assessment

  • Project deliverables   

  • The production of comprehensive marketing materials

  • Premarketing and project validation

  • Intelligent targeting of buyers, decision makers and investors        

  • Complete end-to-end licensing program

  • Royalty, terms and contract negotiation      

  • Legal execution

Our Patent IP licensing and marketing approach is based on six primary focuses, individually mapped, aligned and choreographed according to the assignment and corporate objective. This exclusive approach demands due-care, consideration, commitment, dedication and precision to ensure we deliver on-point.   

Simply the best IP and Patent Licensing and marketing agency in the UK.

Bluem – IP licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – Patent IP licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
New Product Idea Invention Patent licensing
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IP Patent licensing and Sales
Bluem – IP licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – Patent licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
The best IP Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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