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Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

We help inventors commercialise, monetise, license, sell and market their intellectual property, patents, IP.  Blossom, flourish, thrive, succeed, prosper, make headway. 

We value position and apply transformative marketing strategies to monetise and commercialise patents, trademarks and products 

We were founded on the belief that creative works should provide a benefit and translate into actual business growth. Combining market intelligence with dedication and commitment we apply the primary focuses, individually engineered, aligned and choreographed to delivery real results.    ​ ​

Our tenacity to fine detail, our understanding what makes buyers and investors tick and the delivery of exacting standards sets us apart.   Providing the confidence to everyone in the pipeline that strategies applied translate into business growth and attributable ROI.

Building patent partnerships that matter

We empower patent owners and inventors to realise their full potential by applying honest and intelligent marketing strategies that translates creative talent and into long standing partnerships.

We have grown over the past few years through creating genuine partnerships. We work with creatives of all sizes, all ages, in over 36  industries – and help them find and connect with their audience

Quality not quantity, IP Licensing

Our success is based on the quality of the projects we support and our due dilgence process maintains the standard. We provide absolute clarity, with none of the ‘fluff’.  We are honest, realistic and straight to the point. We only invest time on projects that have a better than good chance of winning. Anything less - well what’s the point !  

Considered and planned patent licensing services

Powering ahead with gusto works but only when  the foundations are in. We win because of our absolute adherence to fine detail. Through deep project and audience forensics, landscaping and profiling, we get to heart of the matter, find the opportunities and trigger points and deliver a win-win outcome for all concerned. 

Bluem. Value positioning and applying transformative marketing strategies  to monetise and commercialise patents, trademarks and products
Operating in 58 countries across 40+ industries,  we are the most connected agency in the UK. Helping creatives find, connect, engage and deliver their intellectual property goals.
UK Invention Patent Marketing Licensing
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