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Bluem - Invention Marketing, Invention licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

Patent Marketing, IP Marketing and New Product Idea Invention Marketing that secures royalties and boosts potential.

To optimise a projects potential and brand value, there is no better way than to produce and supply. It’s the long game but the one with the biggest rewards. Product launch is both an art and science. The art of messaging and the science of adapting the message to engage and resonate with the audience. 

Maximising the awareness channels and being pin-sharp focused is vital for efficiency and effectivensss. To encourage the audience to take notice, you need to choose the best combination of channels, in the right order, with tried and tested messaging that connect with them.

Through ethnographics and proven methodologies, we will help launch your project, present to buyers, boost awareness and maximise every sales and marketing channel to power growth 

The tools we use to launch a new product idea invention patent

  • Analysis and landscaping

  • Marketing materials, PR and press packs

  • Premarketing and project validation

  • Intelligent targeting of buyers, decision makers and investors    

  • Digital strategy and paid media

  • Exhibitions and trade shows

  • Crowdfunding campaign build and implementation

  • Investment raising and negotiations

  • Order fulfilment and sales management

  • Compliance and legal demands and requirements

Our New Idea Invention Patent product launch approach is based on six primary focuses, individually mapped, aligned and choreographed according to the assignment and corporate objective. This exclusive approach demands due-care, consideration, commitment, dedication and precision to ensure we deliver on-point.   

Simply the best IP and Patent Licensing and marketing agency in the UK.

Bluem – Invention licensing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – Invention Marketing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds

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How to Market a New Product Idea invention
Invention Marketing Services
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Patent Invention licensing, UK
Bluem – Invention Patent Marketing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Invention Patent Marketing Strategies, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
The best IP Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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