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Bluem - Patent Management, IP licensing, Patent Licensing - Leeds, UK

Patent Management, IP Negotiations and Patent Advice that secures royalties and positive results.

Effectively managing intellectual property and the performance of those using it can be complex. Auditing what is owed and monitoring performance is challenging particularly if the licensee is a multi-national or global brand. For a licensing agreement to be successful, its vital both parties deliver the promises agreed and any performance clauses monitored and maintained. 

Whilst legal undertakings underpin any transaction, good-will, transparency and honestly should not be taken for granted. Constantly keeping an eye on the ball is essential. This way, concerns, problems and issues can be quickly and efficiently addressed and resolved.

Utilising multiple disciplines, from forensic accountancy to market measurements and analytics, we will ensure the agreements you enter with others, are delivered as promised  

The tools we use to license, sell and market a patent, new product idea invention

  • Performance monitoring and analysis

  • Financial auditing and payment assessment

  • Project deliverables

  • Critical risk identification and back-on-track scenarios

  • Royalty, terms and contract re-negotiation 

  • Legal deployment

  • Global outreaching and sub-licensing

Simply the best IP and Patent Licensing and marketing agency in the UK.

Bluem – How to Value a Patent, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – Patent Management Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
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How to Sell a Patent, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
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We help inventors manage and sell their patents by applying intelligent marketing strategies.
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Simply the best Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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