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We help inventors, license and sell their patents by applying intelligent marketing strategies.

Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

Patent licensing, IP licensing and patent marketing that delivers royalties and positive results.

For many IP owners, selling their exclusive legal rights for a healthy profit is the key strategic objective. Just like licensing, selling IP comes with challenges. With one-off payments at the heart of the negotiations, business feasibility and commerciality needs to be validated for the buyer to recognise the value of the project and accept the price you want for it. 

The key to a successful transaction is to put an offer on the table that they can only get from you and to play the ‘I have other options’ game.   Just like any sales transaction, to seal the deal the offer must meet the specific needs and demands of the audience. Achieving a key-turn position, reduces the buyers risk and effort. Allowing for a positive decision to be easily made.   

We will help you upscale, validate and commercialise your project to increase its sales value and position your offering to a sales offer that cannot and should not be missed. 

The tools we use to license, sell and market a patent, new product idea invention patent

  • IP, white space analysis and landscaping      

  • Financial auditing and payment assessment

  • The production of comprehensive marketing materials 

  • Premarketing and project validation 

  • Intelligent targeting of buyers, decision makers and investors

  • Complete end-to-end sales program

  • Sales price, terms and contract negotiation 

  • Legal execution

Our Patent IP licensing and marketing approach is based on six primary focuses, individually mapped, aligned and choreographed according to the assignment and corporate objective. This exclusive approach demands due-care, consideration, commitment, dedication and precision to ensure we deliver on-point.   

Simply the best IP and Patent Licensing and marketing agency in the UK.

Bluem – How to Sell a Patent, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Bluem – How to Sell a Patent Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
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IP Patent licensing and Marketing
Bluem – IP Patent Invention Sales and Marketing, UK
How to sell an invention idea
The best IP Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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