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About Bluem - Patent Invention licensing, UK

Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Invention marketing - Leeds, UK

Patent Licensing. Honest, intelligent and truly committed. Expertise and resources backed with a network that will take your project somewhere special

We help creatives and innovative businesses monetise their creativity by applying intelligent marketing strategies.

We successfully advise our clients how to best generate value from their intellectual property. Whether it’s to license their patent or transact a Trade mark. ​ As an intermediary and commercial advisor, we’re not restricted by structure or silos, we’re a flexible and agile team with sharp intelligence, years of commercial experience and unwavering resolve – so our clients trust us to always deliver on what we’ve promised. Our growth is built on creating genuine partnerships. We have access to a multitude of businesses and industry sectors across the globe... and have an active list of buyers, decision makers and investors looking to acquire, monetise and build stakeholder value across a range of sectors. The combination of our expertise, experience and network allows us to impose the business, financial and technical acumen that delivers  positive the results. 

Our success is based on the quality of the projects we support and our due dilgence process maintains the standard. We provide absolute clarity, with none of the ‘fluff’ and are honest, realistic and straight to the point. We only invest time on projects that have a better than good chance of winning. Anything less - well what’s the point ! We win because of our absolute adherence to fine detail. Through deep project and audience forensics, landscaping and profiling, we get to heart of the matter, find the opportunities and trigger points and deliver win-outcome for all concerned. We’re not your agency, we’re your team and are as dedicated, reactive and supportive to your business needs as any member of your own staff would be. ​

Patent licensing results matter

We’re always honest and realistic about the commercial potential of a new project and only concentrate on those that will drive genuine business value. We don’t waste budget or time on projects that don’t, and wouldn’t expect you to do any different.  

You matter

With years of experience and dedication to win – we’ll be as dedicated, reactive and supportive to your project as you would be. We guarantee to do all we can to optimise your project to send all the right signals to the target audience.

Meet the Patent licensing and IP marketing team

Bluem : New Product Idea Invention Patent licensing Marketing Team
We help inventors, license and sell their patents by applying intelligent marketing strategies.
New Product Idea Invention Patent licensing
New Product Idea Invention Patent Marketing
Bluem : New Product Idea Invention Patent licensing Marketing Team
How to license a New Product Idea Invention Patent
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Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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