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Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Invention Promotion - Leeds, UK

IP Licensing. We’ve taken the time to build a network of real value in many specialisms and disciplines. Creating patent marketing options and licensing opportunities.

Our commitment to building and strengthening our portfolio opens up and identifies potential new market opportunities, allowing even deeper exploration that powers growth.

Staying ahead of the curve not only helps us gain awareness of current activity, trends and business operations, it helps to focus activities, manage risk and make inform decisions.

Our network and the constant building of it, is central in delivering success and business growth

Core Patent licensing markets

United Kingdom  Ireland  France  Germany  Spain  Belgium  Italy  Sweden  Turkey  Poland  USA  Canada  South Africa  India  China  Singapore  Japan   Australia

Patent licensing professional network

Patent and trademark attorneys  Commercial lawyers  Accountants  Business and finance consultants  

Patent design network

Engineering, product, packaging, graphic and website designers  Visualisers  and animators  Rapid prototying and engineering workshops

Patent marketing resources

Copywriters SEO, Google Adword and digital marketing experts Social media influencers Crowdfund campaign builders

New Product Idea Invention Patent Marketing
New Product Idea Invention Patent licensing
Bluem – Patent Marketing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
How to License Sell a New Product Idea Invention Patent
Bluem - Patent Attorney in Leeds, UK
Bluem - Patent Agent in Leeds, UK
Simply the best Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Patent licensing Attorney Agent
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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