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Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Invention Licensing - Leeds, UK

IP Marketing. Our obsession to fine detail and the needs and demands of the audience, results in one thing...patent marketing with positive outcomes for all concerned.

We’re always honest and realistic about the commercial potential of a new project and only concentrate on those that will drive genuine business value. We don’t waste budget or time on projects that don’t, and wouldn’t expect you to do any different. 

Licensing and IP assignment is a tough old game. The line between winning and losing is a close one. Thankfully our pre-assessment due diligence process and attention to the fine detail has resulted in smashing targets and over fulfilling expectations.

We have grown over the past few years through creating genuine partnerships. Working with creatives of all sizes and ages, in over 36  industries – we have found, connected and delivered impressive results

About Bluem - Patent Invention licensing, UK
Bluem – Patent Marketing Services, Patent Attorney Agents, Leeds
Patent licensing Attorney Agent
We help inventors, license and sell their patents by applying intelligent marketing strategies.
The best IP Patent Licensing Marketing Company in the UK
Bluem IP, Patent Attorney Agent, Leeds
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