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Bluem - Patent licensing, IP licensing, Patent marketing - Leeds, UK

Patent Licensing and IP Marketing – Analysis, Landscaping, Market Research

Analysis and landscaping

We gain a clear perspective on what can be achieved by identifying and analysing the landscape, opportunities, threats and risks

Planning and positioning

Through forensics we determine what’s needed to connect and carefully position the project, through physical and visual assets to engage with the target market

Marketing materials

Captivating the audience is an art form and first impressions count. We engage and inspire through professional relevant material that’s quick and easy to understand  

Targeting and promotion

Blending focus, determination with perseverance and doggedness, we deliver the impact that powers the growth

Transaction and negotiations

Armed with full insights and commercial opportunity, we negotiate hard and fair to deliver a win-win outcome for all concerned

Post deal management

We ensure the terms agreed are delivered as promised and any problems and issues quickly and efficiently addressed and resolved

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